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제목 2018-2019 New Gearbox Racquet M40 시리즈 입고 & 구매 이벤트!!! 0  
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한층 업그레이드된 2018-2019 M40 시리즈 출시!!!.

* 9월 8일부터 구매 가능하며 주문하시는 분들께는 Bandana 2매 + 기어박스 장갑 (26,000원) 1매 증정할 예정입니다.

많은 이용바랍니다!

* 본 행사는 9월 15일까지 진행됩니다!!!


The ALL NEW M40 Collection is the most advanced Gearbox racquet created to date! It offers the perfect balance between Power, Control and Maneuverability. The M40 line includes two NEW technologies not offered in any previous model. This collection is now constructed using M40 High Modulus Graphite. In addition, Gearbox engineers extended the internal C3 Power Groove to now run the entire inside length of the racquet.

With these two new advancements, Gearbox greatly enhanced the frame response and overall resiliency of the M40 Collection. Your new M40 racquet will give you a More Crisp and Lively feel, with even MORE Power!


 Patented Solid Head Technology

  • NEW M40 High Modulus Graphite

  • NEW Enhanced Frame Response

  • NEW Extended C3 Power Groove Technology

  • Maximized String Deflection

  • Power, Control, Durability

  • Maximized Sweet Spot

  • Vibration Control

  • Displacement Channels

  • Power String Bed


  • 12 Month Warranty

  • Material: 100% Carbon Fiber Construction

  • Balance: 13mm Head Heavy

  • Swing Weight: 133 +/- 5 Points

  • Grip Sizes: 3-5/8 And 3-15/16

  • String: 18 Gauge Black Mono Filament

  • Color: Neon Green/Black

첨부파일 gearbox-m40-170t_480x480.jpg gearbox-m40-165t-pink_480x480.jpg gearbox-m40-165t_480x480.jpg gearbox-m40-165q_480x480.jpg gearbox-m40-170q_480x480.jpg